Tõnis Kenkmaa and Mariliis Kenkmaa are an artist family with fine arts degrees, producing graphic series with traditional printing techniques. 

Prints by TM is a cooperative thinking method to create conceptual and witty graphics with slightly distorted scenes from everyday life. Their image is always simple and reduced to as minimal elements possible. So the important part of the work becomes the play between image and the title. 

Tõnis and Mariliis started working together in 2012 with a graphic exhibition “Prophecy Of Nothingness” (in Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn 2013). This show inspired artists to continue with their minimalistic graphic style. Among their own exhibitions their works have been exhibited in Estonia’s Parliament gallery and in KUMU as part of XVI Tallinn Print Triennial as well as in Finland – galleries in Vihti and Tampere. 

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mariliis@dadamora.com & tonis@dadamora.com

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Telliskivi Creative City Shopping Street, Dadamora Shop, Telliskivi 60a/1, Tallinn, Estonia

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