Prints by TM is a collaboration of two Estonian artists Tõnis Kenkmaa and Mariliis Oksaar. They met at the Estonian Academy of Arts, where Tõnis was working as a print master and Mariliis was studying printmaking. Somehow they became friends, moved in together, had a child and so on. 

Now, Tõnis is working as a designer/illustrator and Mariliis is spending time with their baby boy Oskar and writing blog at But on the weekends, when Oskar is spending time with grandparents, they are doing art, as they used to do. 

"Our artwork's main essence is the interaction between the object and the written title. When the image is intentionally minimal and often geometrical, the title tries to give a wider meaning to depicted situation. But if you don't speak Estonian nor English, the image still speaks modern simplified pictorial language. We produce these print series together to see how effective this method can be. The process is even more intriguing because a print isn't finished before we reach a mutual conclusion." 

"I love the fact, that doing art together you don't have crises, because there is always a helping hand next to you. And I don't act only on my own responsibility, so I have more freedom to risk. "


Telliskivi 57, Tallinn, Estonia
Always open on appointment
+ 372 55 933 442

New exhibition coming soon:

14.12.2015 - 09.01.2016 Draakon Gallery  (Pikk 18, Tallinn, 10133, Estonia)

You’ll find their portfolios here: